Members of PRF enjoy many opportunities for professional and collegial interaction. Each month, by special arrangement, members meet for lunch in the dining hall of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. These lunches are occasions for lively discussions that keep members up-to-date with their colleagues’ activities.

Special study groups convene regularly for discussion, setting their own programs and schedules. New members are encouraged to join an existing study group or set up another according to their interests. The study groups welcome the participation of non-members.

Current Study Groups
Humanities – readings in literature, philosophy, history, and the arts;
Poetry − critical reading and analysis of works by selected poets;
Science/History of Science − contemporary and historical perspectives on science, medicine, and technology.

Members are encouraged to present their work, at any stage of development, for discussion with other members. These sessions provide opportunities to raise questions, elicit feedback, and hone one’s projects in a supportive environment that facilitates clarity of thought.

Presentation Seminars
Discussions of members’ completed projects offer a chance to share expertise in a non-judgmental and constructive environment.