PRF Website Director and former President Ann Morgan, President Ashwini Mokashi, and Grants Chair Karen Reeds.

Members of the Princeton Research Forum enjoy many opportunities for professional and collegial interaction. Each month we meet for lunch, occasions for lively discussions that keep us abreast of our colleagues’ activities. Special study groups convene regularly for discussion, setting their own programs and schedules.

Study Groups

  • History − Study of historical literature and historiography
  • Poetry − Critical reading and analysis of works by selected poets
  • Science − Contemporary and historical perspectives on science, medicine, and technology
  • Works in Progress −  Discussion of members’ scholarly projects at any stage of development
  • Presentation Seminars − Discussion of members’ completed projects


PRF has sponsored many conferences, lectures, and exhibits, most of them open to the public.

A Publishing Seminar, May 8, 2010.

This conference, sponsored by the Princeton Research Forum (PRF) and hosted by Labyrinth Books of Princeton, offered diverse perspectives and a wealth of practical advice for would-be authors on how to write and sell a book.  Organized and moderated by PRF’s Program Chair Ashwini Mokashi, the seminar brought together a panel of five speakers, including PRF members Shelley Frisch, Linda Brown Holt, and Karen Reeds—all authors with a wide range of expertise in editing, translation, and journalism—along with Nina Ryan, a literary agent who specializes in works of nonfiction, and Markus Wiener, the founder of a small academic publishing house. To read about the seminar and see a list of Web resources for writers, click here.

Gillian Gill Lecture, April 19, 2010.

Gillian Gill, author, independent scholar, translator, and member of the Princeton Research Forum’s Advisory Council, gave a fascinating talk about her recent biography of Victoria and Albert, We Two, and her other books at the Princeton Public Library. This event was co-sponsored by PRF and the library.

Scholars without Borders, 2006.

This three-day conference of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS) was held on the campus of Princeton University. Scholars from across the United States and Canada enjoyed a rich series of seminars, special exhibitions, and social events. The program included sessions on writing biography and oral history, cultural identity in a multi-cultural world, social justice and revolution, and doing research on the internet.

Other Events

  • Situating Scholarship, National Conference of NCIS, 1996
  • Publishing for Scholars and Writers, 1993
  • Matriarchal Moments, 1989
  • Editing for Scholars, 1989
  • Intellectual Emigres in Princeton in the 1930s, an exhibition at the Historical Society of Princeton, 1987